Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shattered Dreams and Lost Crushes...

I have done my fairshare of moving over the years. The first move I ever made was when at the age of 15 my family moved away from the enchanted land of spanish moss covered oaks to the quaint little town filled with dogwood lined streets and oaks without low hanging spanish moss. I lived in or around that quaint little town for the last 20 yrs until this most recent move.

When it was first announced that my parents and sister and I were leaving the mossy oaks I did not handle it well at all! I had my life planned out at the age of 15. I was going to graduate from the same HS my parents graduated from, was going to marry the crush that I had had since the summer before the start of middle school (just recently saw a pic...he's held up well over the yrs) and raise our kids with the offspring of all the friends we grew up with in that small town and if I had to work then I was going to take a position in the family business alongside my dad and grandad. Then one January morning that dream crumbled as we pulled out of town w/ cars loaded down and all our belongings on semi heading, God Forbid...NORTH! Thankfully we were still going to be below the Mason Dixon Line!!

I missed my friends and family terribly, as well as my crush but the first day of my new high school I immediately made a ton of friends and continued to do so over the next 2 yrs. Once I got to college there were new friendships and ultimately I married one of those first friends I met after moving to the Land of Dogwoods.

My dreams changed after I married and had my kids to dreams of my kids graduating from the high school in the Land of Dogwoods, eventually we would buy one of the big historic homes on Main St USA and life would be GRAND! (I still keep in touch with many friends from the Land of Mossy Oaks..they were not replaced or forgotten and never will be) Little did I know that that dream too would be shattered and another move was in store me and my family...

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