Thursday, March 17, 2011


Who knew leading a secret blogger life could be so hard!? I have definately slacked off in this life...the holidays have come and gone and we are fastly approaching spring with summer right on it's heels and my blog has not been updated since September!!!

Here is some of this stuff we have been up to since my last post:
tennis ended, baseball ended, a nephew was born, Halloween, our first Thanksgiving away from family, found out our landlord is selling the house we signed a 2 yr lease on so we have to move, reconciled with mother in law just in time to get snowed in at her house in NC for Christmas, came home to more snow in the South that basically shut the place down for a week,Moxie shot a commercial and a print ad,got a lowball offer on our NC house, did not sell the house, Sport got to work with Jennifer Garner, school started back,a new niece was born,found out our landlord has not been paying the mortgage on this rental so they are facing foreclosure,Valentine's, baseball started back, took a trip to the Music City, trying to find a new house here in the South, tennis is getting ready to start back, still trying to sell the NC house, throw in strep throat, stomach bug and nasty colds and that brings us here at St Patty's Day!

Looking for a little Luck 'O the Irish today and that we will get some showings on our NC house that lead to a sale!! With all our housing issues the last few months we so do not want to rent our NC house again and we don't want to rent here in the South and risk facing the same situation again with a landlord losing the home. If we can hurry up and sell our NC house then we can just buy something here.

Looking forward to Spring Break, I get to see my niece and nephew, WOOT WOOT and we get to meet our new niece who was born in Jan to my brother in law and his wife.

Bring on Spring! I promise to get this blog back on track!!