Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tired of...

unsolicited advice!! As I have said thing have not been great since moving here. I am lonely for friends and adult time and missing my GNO's back home. My sister just had her 2nd baby and I am losing my mind not being able to see him in person until next month and I desperately need some time with my niece, Sassy!!

Well, I tweeted something on my personal Twitter page last week about how I was "tired of being the new people in town that no one wanted to get to know" because that is truly how it feels. We go to church with several people who have requested to follow me on Twitter and one of them responded to me saying that I had to be the one to get out there and get to know people. This comment from her made me quite mad. First off, she has made no effort in getting to know me or spend any time talking to me but yet she feels like I need to be the one to put myself out there? Yes, I know I could make a little more of an effort but I have been hurt one too many times in the past and when you are in a new city where you know nobody it would be nice if at least one person would put forth the effort to get to know me. I have always, back home, taken and effort to put myself out there to someone new at church or the kids school shouldn't it be time for someone to see me struggling and put forth an effort for me?

I am still hurt by the "friend" here who has all but disappeared. I was at Bible Study last week, sitting at the table behind her, and she called me that afternoon and left a message about me missing Bible Study, REALLY?! everyone else there saw me! Her message was all rambling like she was trying to find something to say in a forced phone call to my voice mail.

I just want to go home! Back to where I have friends, the kids had an awesome school, where my family is...but I don't see that happening any time soon!