Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A "friend"

Was not going to bring this up so soon after starting this blog but I just have to vent!! As I said before, we have recently moved away from all friends and family to an area where my husband and kids knew no one and I had A "dear" friend or someone I considered "a dear friend". For the sake of privacy we will call said friend, Lucy.

When Lucy found out we would be moving here she was thrilled and started making plans for us to hang out, she would introduce me to her "circle", we would do couple stuff with her and her husband, etc... Shortly after moving here I invited them over for Sunday lunch after church and was flatly turned down...upon speaking with her several days later she bragged about how they had gone out with So and So and her hubby and had this fabulous time,etc... I did not think much of it at it the time, figured it had already been planned well in advance.

As the last few months have gone on, I have invited her to do things as I explore my new city and surroundings and we have invited her and her hubby to do things as couples (they have no kids at the present time) and have invited them to our house,etc.. and EVERY time we or I have been shot down. Only later I find out that all those times they have turned me down, the next day they are off with all their "circle" going on GNO's and Boys Nites and picnics and bbq's, name it and then she turns right around and tells me all about them. We have not done one thing together since I moved here almost 5mths ago! She has passively introduced me to people, they have "friended" me on FB at her suggestion and they are the same people who she hangs out with on a daily basis as she is turning down my invites. For 4th of July we went to see the fireworks and she never came up and said one word to us until the night was almost over, did not invite us to sit with their crowd or anything. My family and I sat there knowing no one, watched the fireworks and left as they whooped it up back behind us somewhere.

I know NO ONE in my new city except for my hubby and kids, don't get me wrong, I love them dearly but I need some mommy time with other mommies,etc...!!!

I am not trying to sound petty but I just wonder what happened to the enthusiasm over my moving here? What happened to introducing me to her "circle"? What happened to the person who I thought was my friend and who was going to help me adjust to this move? So far I have not adjusted well. My husband and I talked about how we thought the kids would adjust prior to our move and I thought they would be the puddle of mess on the floor wanting to "go home" but instead it has been me who, although not kicking and screaming, it wanting to "go home", back to where my friends are, where my family is, where I know how to find a place w/o having to Google Map everything b/c Lord knows I am not calling Lucy anymore for directions or to find out how far something is from me!

When I do complain about how I know no one here and Lucy hears me or sees it on Twitter,etc...her response is "It took a couple of years for us to make friends here, give it time!" and I just want to tell her to "SHUT UP!!" and "I thought I did have a friend here, apparently I was wrong!"

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