Saturday, July 17, 2010

Names have been changed...

to protect MY identity. For this new blog I will not be able to call my children by the nicknames I already have for them since I want to remain a little more anonymous myself so from here on out my son shall be called "Jake Ryan" or "JR" b/c I grew up in the 80's on John Hughes films and I LOVED Jake Ryan, so now whenever I say "I LOVE Jake Ryan" I REALLY REALLY do!! I also chose "Jake Ryan" b/c I just don't picture him as a "Ferris"

The girl on the other hand has been a bit tougher to nail down a name for, her nickname now suits her SOOOOO well but she is WIDELY known by it and it would be a give away for sure if family or friends stumbled upon this blog...I am leaning toward something Truly Southern like Scarlet, believe me she could bring Scarlet O'Hara to her knees! My daughter is stubborn, opinionated, loud (at times) and demanding, but she can also be sweet like tea and prim and proper when the time calls for it, just like any good Southern girl should be!! My other choices are "Harper" after Harper Lee or "Scout" from her character in "To Kill a Mockingbird" b/c I love that movie as well. Decisions, Decisions...I will figure it out soon. After looking at the choices I have for her, it makes me want to "Jake Ryan" to "Atticus" or "Finch"

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