Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All roads lead to home...

Lately I have been reminded about a time in my life that I would rather forget...nothing tragic happened or anything like that, it was just a miserable time for my family. Back in 1992 right after I graduated high school my family moved from our "adopted" hometown in North Carolina to the Greensboro area for my dad to pastor a church there. He had been the Associate Pastor at a church for a couple years, we loved that church and the people and made many friends for life there and that is where I met my husband. But the opportunity arose for my dad to Pastor his own congregation and off we went to Greensboro. I immediately HATED the place and everything about it. All my friends were off at college and I was starting at Guilford Tech. in the college transfer program and did not know a soul on the entire campus. As time went on we began to realize there were major issues within the church too that had not been revealed to my dad in all his talks with the Deacons and search committee members. Needless to say my entire family began to hate being in Greensboro. Every chance I got I was on the road to go back and see friends on weekends. Finally after 8mths the Lord provided a new church for my dad to Pastor right back in our adopted hometown. I have been thinking a lot of those 8mths (seemed like 8yrs with all that went on during that time) over the last week as we were back in NC for Spring Break. My husband along with Moxie and Sport have been in this current city almost 13mths. While I have not hated being here and neither have the kids or hubs we have had a lot of struggles and mountains to climb. Almost every month there has been a job opportunity that comes knocking either from NC or Va and each month nothing else becomes of those opportunities, just a lot of teasing and then away it goes. We have been back to NC several times over the last 13 mths and although I don't feel the "pull" to go back it is nice to be there and hard to leave when the time comes. This past week we were there for Spring Break and out of the blue hubs got a call about an opening with a company that was started by a former co-worker of his who has gone on to hire several other former co-workers. So our trip to see family and friends turned into a trip for a job interview as well. It is a great opportunity and it is with people he has worked with before so he is comfortable with them all, it would get us back to where our family and friends are and it would get our kids back into their former school (fingers crossed). The idea of moving across state lines again is already tiring me out and he doesn't have the job yet, LOL. Nothing may come of this but if it does they want to get started quickly so I will probably be back to single parenting it for at least a month or 2. Hoping we hear something today or tomorrow so I know if we going home for good.

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